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TSU Alumnus Refel Rushing creates $100K Entrepreneurship Scholarship Fund

Contact: Refel Rushing, 214-762-1668

Businessman, rancher, philanthropist, and proud Texas State University alumnus Refel Rushing recently created a matching entrepreneurship scholarship fund with the McCoy College of Business Foundation at TSU. The Refel Rushing Entrepreneurship Scholarship, with funds totaling $100,000, will provide scholarships to students from South Texas who are attending Texas State University.

“The McCoy College of Business Foundation at Texas State University is proud to partner with alumnus Refel Rushing in establishing the Refel Rushing Entrepreneurship Scholarship. This scholarship will benefit aspiring business students with an interest in entrepreneurship and honors the life-long commitment of Mr. Rushing in his own entrepreneurial pursuits,” said Kent Hamilton, executive director of the McCoy College of Business Foundation. “For generations to come, McCoy College students will benefit from the sincere generosity of Mr. Rushing and will experience the impact this scholarship will have on their academic careers.”

Rushing, who was raised in South Texas, has been a proud member of the Texas State Alumni Association since earning his MBA at the San Marcos University in 1972. He has long been an advocate of providing financial aid in the form of student loans and scholarships to all students needing financial assistance — either to gain access to post-secondary education or to stay in school to complete their education.

A financial innovator, Rushing distinguished himself for his contributions to student loan financing in Texas and across the United States. He served as President and Chief Executive Officer of LoanSTAR Funding Group, Inc., based in Bryan, Texas, for more than 30 years. Rushing also played a pivotal role in the formation of the Greater Texas Foundation, a public charity dedicated to increasing postsecondary education access for all Texas students and which has awarded more than $104 million in grants since its inception. Rushing served as director of the organization for several years following its establishment and continues to serve as chairman of the foundation board.

Both at GTF and in Rushing’s personal philanthropic work within the academic world, his focus has been on assisting students from underserved and socioeconomically disadvantaged communities.

“These students represent the largest segment of the Texas population and will be the future business leaders and educators of tomorrow,” said Rushing. “To assume these important roles, they must be prepared with training and education. In today’s world, it is and will be so important for a student to have credentials from a trade and vocational institution, an associate’s degree from a community college, or a degree from a college or university.”

Rushing’s keen awareness of the importance of relevant credentials and degrees has in part led to his funding of the Refel Rushing Entrepreneurship Scholarship. “It is my hope that these scholarship funds will help deserving students attain credentials and degrees that will, in turn, help better ensure entrepreneurial choices, job and career opportunities, and educational teaching aspirations — which, hopefully, will lead ultimately to a richer and a higher quality of life.”

Rushing is a recipient of the Distinguished Alumni Award from Texas State University and serves as an advisor to the TSU McCoy College of Business. Rushing lives on his ranch in North Central Texas, where he raises cattle and pursues a host of interests, including songwriting. For more information on Rushing, visit


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