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EIN Presswire: Refel Rushing Music Launches New Song: “Never Been Here Before”

Refel Rushing releases a new song and makes a huge contribution

The soil is my stage, and the music that grows there nourishes my soul”— Refel Rushing

DALLAS, TX, UNITED STATES, October 24, 2021 / -- Refel Rushing Music: OCTOBER 15th

“Never Been Here Before”

-Love Over Time-

Contact: Ed Mestyanek, manager, for details or Text 972-646-1830

-Refel Rushing-

Songs That Contribute More Than Noise

The newly released “Never Been Here Before” by Refel Rushing conveys the emotion and passion of a brand-new and deepening romantic partnership. It is the third song released from Rushing’s song cycle of nine, “Love Over Time,” which features lyrics and vocals by Rushing and recounts the evolution of a love relationship. The entire song collection has been orchestrated and produced by Jay Hinson.

“This song evokes the first spark of a unique feeling deep in the gut, a feeling unlike any ever experienced before,” said Rushing. “The singer expresses that someone has made him feel love like never before. In return, he will be both a trusted best friend and lover.”

In addition to being an accomplished musician, Rushing is a businessman, rancher, and lifelong philanthropist. He is continuing his charitable work with each of these new song releases. “Never Been Here Before” is accompanied by the donation of a calf picked right out of Rushing’s personal stock; a low-income student within the Italy Independent School District will receive the calf to show at the Ellis County Youth Livestock Show. Also in conjunction with this release, Rushing is arranging the contribution of hand-painted art for the Waxahachie Youth Baseball League at the Optimist Fields.

“Refel is the most versatile and creative person I have had the pleasure to work with and have enjoyed discovering his many different abilities. He is a creative visionary and one of today’s very few truly selfless people,” said manager Ed Mestyanek, owner of ELM Custom Art.

Refel Rushing Music

For all of his life, Rushing has been hearing music in his head and writing poetry. “Love Over Time” is an outpouring of a fraction of that music and has been years in the making. Up until now, Rushing has mostly kept his songs to himself; however, he decided to publish his music as a way of giving back to the community. He partnered with Hinson, a brilliant conductor, arranger, and orchestrator, who added magic to the songs. The duo has created a standard of music that will remain timeless.

Each song that is released is accompanied by a charitable act or donation. Rushing has raised funds for many great causes throughout his life. With the proceeds generated from “Never Been Here Before” and his other songs, Rushing also will be exploring revenue-sharing opportunities in order to make more donations to worthy causes, such as the Wounded Warrior Project.

His songs are available for free download at Refel Rushing Music, and proceeds that are raised from donations or merchandise will be put right back into the community.

Helping the Industry Thrive

Refel does not plan on stopping with the promotion of his music but intends to use the vast network and abundant resources he has created and is utilizing to help other musicians, writers, artists, and photographers to be successful, as well.

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For more detailed information on Refel Rushing Music, its promotions, or media contact: Ed Mestyanek, manager, via email at or text 972-646-1830.

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Never Been Here Before


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