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Refel is a poet, short story writer, and musician. He has published some of his poems on his poetry site and plans on publishing his short story work shortly. A true Renaissance man, Refel also started cattle ranching in 2007. ​Working from Shadow R Ranch, Refel manages and maintains a commercial cattle business and working ranch. 


Refel Rushing is creating an album of adult music, having recorded his compositions in Los Angeles and Atlanta studios. He is currently finalizing his album project with his conductor and arranger Jay Hinson. In addition, he will soon be releasing his first single song with a Christian theme, which he hopes to promote within the religious community across the United States. He will be offering it free of charge to a variety of churches and using any publishing revenues to aid charities such as food pantries and centers that assist people experiencing homelessness. 


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In addition to being an amazing songwriter and vocalist, Refel also is a philanthropist and a recipient of the Distinguished Alumni Award from Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas. He serves as an advisor to the Texas State University McCoy College of Business.  


Refel has been making strides in the business and charitable worlds for many years. He retired as President and CEO of LoanSTAR Funding Group, Inc., which made groundbreaking work in the field of higher-education student-loan financing.


In 2001, Refel also played a pivotal role in the formation of the Greater Texas Foundation, a public charity dedicated to increasing postsecondary education access for all Texas students, particularly those from underserved and socioeconomically disadvantaged communities. Refel served as director of the organization for several years following its establishment and continues to serve as chairman of the foundation board. Greater Texas Foundation has awarded more than $104 million in grants since its inception to entities that carry out the foundation's mission, thanks in part to Refel’s leadership and contributions. Refel has also helped bring about other initiatives at Greater Texas Foundation, including funding awareness campaigns for minority groups and grants to independent school districts in Texas.


Refel’s philanthropic endeavors in the academic world extend beyond Greater Texas Foundation. Through one of Refel’s other initiatives, he provided tax-exempt conduit financing to several Texas colleges and universities. The $150 million in funds that Refel raised were earmarked for loans and other tuition funding.


Refel also established scholarship endowments for first-generation and underserved students from South Texas. These funds total approximately $210,000 in the form of scholarships. He also donated a steer to underprivileged youth who want to get involved in cattle ranching, culminating in a livestock show from which proceeds fund the students’ college educations.


Further, Refel has assisted hospitals, outpatient surgery centers, and dialysis centers in Texas with procuring radiological equipment. He also has assisted in financing hundreds of millions of dollars for the construction of housing for low-income families.


A member of the Texas & Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association, Refel lives on his Texas ranch with fifty-one cattle, five horses, four dogs, four cats, two donkeys, and many other species of wildlife.


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