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About The Music

I often have been queried about the hidden meaning of my music — about my motivation and insights that resulted in the romantic style of and selection of each song’s unique lyrics. The central concept originates from being both an observer of and participant in the experiences called falling in love, falling out of love, and falling back in love. I have purposely chosen to describe the act and movement of falling in, out, and back into love again as a way of describing the cycles of a love life.


Early in my song composition process for this 2021-2022 album release, I began to form thoughts about the generally known phases of a love relationship between two people. This thought process, in part, led to the writing of the lyrics and musical notes that are reflected in the individual song melodies. I asked myself, “What do I know and see about the love relationship that endures to the end of an individual’s time on earth or changes across the spectrum of time?” My thoughts were many, but in the end it was about life and being in love that lasts, evolves, or departs. So I asked, “What is life when asked in this love relationship context?”


There are many things in life that are unknowable in absolute terms. For my purposes, I concluded that it is a collection of cycles and/or seasons which all people experience. The very fortunate ones also experience one or more love relationships during their lifetime.


Through the ages, writers of words and songsters have successfully captured the breath and heartbeat of two people who find themselves in love. Whether by chance or by design, the seasons of a relationship begin. As in all relationships, the act of getting to know each other starts with a spark of unknown origin. The spark increases in intensity and grows into a flame. The flame burns hotter and hotter over the following weeks, months, and years. The relationship begins to reach a partnership closeness and a sacred bond of trust and commitment. It is consecrated in many different forms. During this period of intimacy and daily life, words and deeds can create true and deep feelings of love and respect, for a lifetime of seasons.

However, the ebbs and flows of the river of daily life and unexpected jolts of couple difficulties can either rock the relationship foundation until flames of early beginnings begin to slowly fade and eventually die or they are fanned and become stronger with new beginnings.

Such then is the cycle of a relationship which is marked by a beginning, middle, and end, but also can — very often — be marked by a new relationship and a new beginning. Expressed differently, certain relationship low valleys and other factors either initiate the fading-away cycle, resulting in unknown emotional futures for the two partners, or it flourishes once again, beginning the cycle anew to be refined in fire and create a perfect life season of mutual love.


My music lyrics listened to within this context and as individual songs tell a collective story about the seasons and cycles of a relationship. The songs bring to life the story of that magical moment of falling in love, living, knowing it is over, departing, and offering the possibility of falling in love again with the same partner or one who is new.


I invite you to explore the deep meaning of the lyrics coupled with the beautiful instrumental orchestration, which is often described as the elixir that needs no words to bring to mind the theme and name of the album, "Love over Time."  


I also often have been asked, “What instrument do you play?” The answer is I do not now nor have I ever played an instrument. I hear music constantly. Sometimes I save it and sometimes I let it go. This is a gift from the Creator of all things.


The songs on this album are products of hearing the music and working with my genius orchestrator partner Jay Hinson. Together we have dedicated a large part of our lives and individual talents so that we can give our music to you. Thank you for listening and visiting the rest of my blog to learn about the other passions of my life: soil regeneration, service for the betterment of mankind, and care and treatment of all of my animals, big and small.


I once said, “The only things we keep in life are what we give away.” I have given my all away, and I feel I am truly blessed with the riches of life that now and will forever sustain me.

-Refel Rushing-

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